Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chanaka is saying "There are 10 kinds of peoples in the world. Those who can understand binary & those who cant."

[13 - Se
pt - 2008]

Chanaka is thinking , What will happen when the atomic beams in LHC collide on 21st of October. Will it be the world end ?

Is 21st October == 21st December 2012 (read this ... )

[12 - Sept - 2008]

Chanaka is thinking what will hapen to the world when LHC executed on 21st october

[11 - Sep -2008]

Chanaka is playing guico piano & birds again

I used to play these openings long while ago.
Again feeling to play them & experiment.

[9 - Sep - 2008]

Chanaka has played a piano (Guico) :-)

Guico Piano is a chess opening & not a Musical instrument.

[4 - Sep - 2008 ]

Chanaka is planning to play Guico Piano !!!

[3 - Sep - 2008]

Chanaka has realized he is a X cat& has realized he is uglier than a cat.

Not only cat, But also every mammal has 20 fingers
And not to mention every mammal have tail too even humans one has diminished. These characteristics are implicit to every mammal.

So from the point of view of cats, humans are X cats.
Can you imagine how ugly a cat without tail & small ears etc ..

X cat == Cats equivalent of X men

[1- Sep -2008]

Chanaka is a X cat according to princess Yass, who is also a X cat :-).

[31 - Aug -2008]

Chanaka has realized that he is not a cat,
Because he has 20 fingers & cats only have 18.

Cute Fat Angry Cat

Warning: Don't ever give paracetamol [panadol] to cats. It is poisonous for innocent cats.

[27 - Aug -2008]

Chanaka has loss the PC election.

[24 -Aug - 2008]

Chanaka is counting fingers again to do double check the value.

[23 -Aug - 2008]

Chanaka is Counting Fingers

[20 -Aug - 2008]


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