Monday, September 22, 2008

Chanaka is thinking ...
" Are humans multi-threaded or not ?"

Multi- Threading is a technique used in S/W to execute actions concurrently. If humans are multi-threaded we will be able to handle lot of thing simultaneously. Can we handle multiple events simultaneously without messing up them . The answer is "not at all ,but some times", at least for me. How about you ? .

I am thinking about Threads, because I am designing a assignment to give to students, where they will build multi-threaded web server and at the same time I am preparing notes for tomorrow lecture.

[21 - Sep - 2008]

Chanaka Celebrated two events

Celebrated the Global Software Freedom day 2008 and Local Efi 2008 on the same day.

1. Me with Dr. RMS (Richard Matthew Stallman). Dr . RMS is the GNU founder. In 1985, he set up the Free Software Foundation.

2. The CE group who contributed to make Efi2008 , an unforgettable event.
see my photo album no 07

[20 - Sep - 2008]


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