Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today early morning I was awoken from sleep (In the middle of a nice dream). The reason was a false rumors about poisoning of drinking water in Kandy and Matale Districts by LTTE terrorists. I called both Peradeniya & Kandy police stations and got confirmed , that it was a false alarm. Then I had some water & slept. But I could not see the remaining part of the dream :-(


The 4th Tamil-Ealam war started with a water trouble @ Mavilaru. LTTE terrorists block the water supply from Mavilaru & then 4th Tamil-Ealam war begin as a water war.

Water - By deepa mehta.
(In picture Sarala, The best child actor in the world-2007 )

In last april I watched the film "Water" with my sisters baby daughter navoda (6 yr old). She was very interested to watch "Water" after seeing trailers. I did not believe that she could awake till 22:00 , But she was with a yawning mouth. The film was stopped after 30 min for advertiesment. Navoda could not understand the film was not finished. She thought it was over & went to sleep. I felt quite upset, but did not tell her the film was not over, because she was so much sleepy.

[ 30-Sep-2008 ]


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